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#TheFamily Campaign Hopes to «Flood the Earth» with the Family Proclamation 

#TheFamily Campaign Hopes to «Flood the Earth» with the Family Proclamation

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The event «Flood the Earth with The Family: A Proclamation to the World hopes to spread to a worldwide audience through Facebook.

By Yamil Inostroza.

This September the 23rd, it will have been 20 years since President Gordon B. Hinckley read, «The Family: A Proclamation to the World», during the Relief Society General Meeting.  To celebrate this anniversary, Daniel Kellis, a returned missionary, created the campaign, «Flood the Earth with the Family Proclamation.»

The campaign —a Facebook event— consists of sharing the Family Proclamation along with photos and videos about why the Proclamation is important to the World.

A few years ago, Kellis returned from a mission to Uruguay.  Now living in Provo, Utah studying audiovisual communication at BYU, he was born in Arizona, where the idea of the campaign first came to light.

Kellis relates, «As part of our stake conference program in Arizona, a group of youth stood in a line and one by one recited a paragraph from the Family Proclamation. It was sweet, simple, and powerful. I felt the power of the Spirit confirm to me that this was a sacred and godly document. Scripture, even.»

Daniel Kellis, creator of the "Flood the Earth with The Family: A Proclamation to the World" | Facebook
Daniel Kellis, creador de la campaña «Inundar la tierra con La Familia: Una proclamación para el Mundo». | Facebook.

After this experience came serious reflection.  «I realized that this document had all the answers to fix all the chaos in the world today.» Kellis comments, «I thought “It’s called ‘A proclamation to the world’ but how much of the world really knows about this?”

But this was more than just reflection, this was a call to action.  Just like Kellis relates, «So I began thinking of ways I could help the world know about [the Proclamation]. Sharing it through a world wide Facebook event immediately came to mind.»

Kellis sees the duty to share the doctrine and principles of this document as a personal responsibility.

This Family Proclamation has so much power. It was basically written as a personal letter to everyone in the entire world. We owe it to Heavenly Father to share it with everyone we know, especially right now. Our friends, family, and neighbors need it, and so do we.

I’m excited to share The Family: A Proclamation to the World on September 23rd, 2015 (in it’s 20th birthday) and I hope thousands of others will join me in flooding the earth with the Family Proclamation.

Visit the event: “Flood the Earth with the Family Proclamation”

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