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Members and Missionaries safe after 8.4 magnitude earthquake in Chile 

Members and Missionaries safe after 8.4 magnitude earthquake in Chile

By Yamil Inostroza. Leer en español.

An 8.4 magnitude earthquake shook the coasts of the Chile Viña del Mar mission, the earthquake was felt in much of the country and brought with it a later tsunami.  Although 3 branches of the Church still have no way of being contacted, preliminary reports from local leaders indicate that both members and missionaries are safe.  Details of property damage are unknown.

The last upsdate from the Chile Viña del Mar Mission informed through it’s Facebook page that, «All Missionaries have been contacted and are safe.»

Because of the earthquake that occurred today, September 16th, we wish to inform that all the missionaries have been contacted and are safe. 

In the Illapel District, the epicenter of the tectonic movement, the Illapel, Salamanca, and Canela Baja branches are still without communication.  President Jorge Jerez, counselor in the Illapel district informed by telephone that there are, as of now, no deaths to report.  The structural integrity of the city is unknown.

Further north in, President Luis Matamala of the Coquimbo stake reported that as of now there are no lives to mourn, and indicated that «we will have the chapel in Llano open for any brethren that need shelter after evacuating.»  He added that «In the Parte Alta sector some walls  have fallen.  In the Llano and Punta Mira sin luz, the areas closest to the sea have been evacuated.»

The wife of the Viña del Mar mission president, Jean Wall from Díaz, posted the following on her Facebook page: » We were scared, but we are all right.  I felt it (the earthquake) stronger than the one from 2010, but it was very long. We are trying to contact all missionaries.  So far, all is well.»

Members and local Church leaders are reporting power outages in several areas of Coquimbo and Valparaiso.  The citizens of cities bordering the coast have evacuated toward the hills to be our of reach of the tsunami’s waves, like those happening now in Talcahuano.

«The sea has risen in El Morro, Talcahuano.»

«The Chilean National Police assist the population of Talcahuano as the sea comes inland.»

Government officials has confirmed the deaths of 6 people and informed that she would declare a state of emergency in areas affected by the earthquake and is evaluating the need to deploy the armed forces.  The President will be travelling to the earthquake zone today.

In all regions of the Country, emergency committees have been established to monitor the state of the Tsunami.

A tsunami warning is in effect for the entire coast.

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